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    Film and TV

    Film and TV
    A vibrant cast of newcomers shine in the adaptation of The Sopranos

    Film reviews: BFI London Film Festival, various venues, London

    RECEIVING its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival over its middle weekend, Our Ladies (***), Michael Caton-Jones’s adaptation of Alan Warner’s cult 1998 novel The Sopranos, has gone from being a contemporary coming-of-age film to a period piece in the 20 years he’s spent trying to get it made. But with Caton-Jones putting the finishing touches to it just two days before the premiere, its freshly minted arrival felt oddly appropriate. Save for the absence of mobile phones and the prominence of CDs in this 1990s-set tale of six Catholic choir girls from Fort William who use a singing competition in Edinburgh as an excuse for a vodka-fuelled odyssey, the film keeps period nostalgia mostly in check in order to focus on the always-relevant dilemmas of its hormonally charged protagonists.

    Film and TV
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