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    Ruth Radelet of Chromatics

    Music review: Chromatics, SWG3, Glasgow

    THERE are musicians who believe in a strong aesthetic, and then there’s Johnny Jewel. The analogue synth-prodding auteur American producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist has built a retro electro-goth-pop mini-empire surrounding his Portland, Oregon label Italians Do It Better, and its dense knot of interconnected bands. Most of which he is a member of, all of them united in their passion for doomy Italo-disco, icy female vocals, leather, eyeliner and darkly glamorous psychedelic video visuals. Think Tron meets ABBA meets Twin Peaks.

    Honeyblood's Stina Tweeddale is now a solo effort.  Picture:  Robert Perry

    Music review: Honeyblood, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow

    WHEN drummer Cat Myers left Honeyblood last year, the former duo officially became a solo project for singer-songwriter/guitarist Stina Tweeddale. This tour-launching gig at her old alma mater, while troubled with teething problems, suggested that she’s more than capable of going it alone.

    Pianist Yulianna Avdeeva, a soloist with the BBC SSO, whose performance of the Tchaikovsky was a blistering tour de force

    Music review: BBC SSO, City Halls, Glasgow

    The BBC SSO is off to Japan with principal conductor Thomas Dausgaard for six concerts in Tokyo and Osaka, some of which are part of the BBC’s first ever Japan Proms season. Recent concerts here have served as a dress rehearsal, including Thursday’s monumental coupling of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No 1 and Sibelius’ Symphony No 2.

    From Sorrow to Serenity

    Under the Radar: From Sorrow To Serenity

    For the past decade the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMAs) have done an impressive job of highlighting acts on the edgier end of the spectrum and this year’s event is no exception. Among the excellent nominees, we particularly liked From Sorrow To Serenity, who are nominated in the Best Metal category. Signed to German label Long Branch Records, an imprint of rock powerhouse SPV, the Glasgow band have toured extensively across the world with numerous streams on Spotify.

    Conductor Elim Chan

    Music review: RSNO & Martin Grubinger, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

    The deep thudding drumbeats that kicked off Kalevi Aho’s concerto for percussion and orchestra set the tone for Martin Grubinger’s turbocharged performance of Sieidi. This is the Sami name for important sacred sites and the Finnish composer uses these as a starting point for this percussive walkabout across continents and centuries.

    PP Arnold PIC: Dave Burke/Shutterstock

    Music reviews: PP Arnold and Malcolm Middleton at Paisley Spree

    Paisley’s annual festival of music and arts, the Spree, has been growing steadily recently and this year organisers had to get a bigger Spiegeltent to accommodate demand for events such as a celebration of the music of native son Gerry Rafferty and Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook.

    The Scottish Ensemble was on exceptional form

    Music review: Scottish Ensemble, Baroque: Take Two, Signet Library & St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

    To call it a gimmick would be unfair. The Scottish Ensemble’s Baroque: Take Two events – the first of which took place in Edinburgh’s Signet Library and St Giles Cathedral – split a single concert across two venues, one intimate, the other bigger and grander. It was an experiment, as SE artistic director Jonathan Morton accepted, but nevertheless, it felt like a serious attempt to investigate whether a new location can equal a whole new mindset, and if venue influences our perception of music.

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