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    In full: The Scotsman's data supplement 2019 - Doing Data Right

    Picture: University of Edinburgh
    Picture: University of Edinburgh
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    The Scotsman, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, explores to key ethical questions around data.

    Jarmo Eskelinen: Untangling data’s ethical dilemmas

    How Accenture helps firms innovate through data ( sponsored )

    Edinburgh is placed at the heart of the global data conversation?

    Why we are waking up to the value our our own data ( sponsored )

    How data is at the heart of the healthcare revolution

    How Edinburgh is playing a key role in robotics (sponsored)

    How data could ease the Edinburgh Festival crowd crush

    Hiring for a data job? Think carefully about the job description ( sponsored )

    Does the data industry need a code of ethics??

    The challenges of recording our past through digitisation ( sponsored )

    How soon will we be able to control our own personal data?

    How Unicef is working to improve children's health through data

    Women in Data campaign to be launched by Edinburgh's DDI initiative ( sponsored )