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    Walking in the footsteps of Orkney’s mighty Viking rulers

    The Vikings arrived in Orkney in the late 8th century – and remained for another 500 years. They first came to flee an emerging new monarchy in Norway with these exiled sea pirates using the islands to launch their own voyages and raids.
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    Rachel Mirfattahi, Sector Engagement Executive ' Food & Drink, Interface

    Rachel Mirfattahi: Big data can revolutionise food and drink sector

    For anyone who owns a supermarket loyalty card, the concept of being sent special offers and discounts for ­exactly the kind of food and drink that you already buy is not new. This is using customer data at its simplest, but it is a powerful way to keep track of who’s buying what and of keeping customers loyal.


    Charity puts out call for business support

    “Parents often feel isolated and uncertain of how to proceed if they can’t get the right speech and language support for their children”, says a Dundee-based charity.
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