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    Sport Opinion
    Coleen Rooney, AKA WAGatha Christie, last week had an almighty falling out on social media with Rebekah Vardy.

    Aidan Smith: ‘Coleen, Posh and their Wag pals seduced me in Baden-Baden’

    There’s a piece of old footage in glorious monochrome which will never gather dust because it’s pretty much always in use. Programme-makers in TV sports departments invariably reach for the clip because it perfectly illustrates how much footballers have changed, how much footballers’ downtime has changed, how much the image of the footballers’ wives has changed.

    George Horne and Jamie Ritchie will hope they will be celebrating another Scotland win. Picture: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

    Allan Massie: Japan on a high but Scotland have cause for optimism

    Journalists have often previewed matches while aware that vile weather may lead to postponements. Today is different, for the pool match between Scotland and Japan is threatened with cancellation, not postponement, the latter being, according to Alan Gilpin, World Rugby’s tournament director, “unfeasible on logistic and safety grounds”.

    Rugby Union
    John Barclay is congratulated by Duncan Taylor after scoring Scotland's eighth try during the victory over Russia. Picture: Adam Pretty/Getty

    Allan Massie: Scotland’s two clean sheets impressive but Japan are a different beast

    I t is already an odd World Cup for Scotland. We didn’t, as the old hack used to put it, “trouble the scorecard” in losing to Ireland. Now, against Samoa and Russia, we have scored 95 points and conceded none. Clean sheets are rare in rugby now; two in a row very rare. Critics have for a long time said it’s too easy to score tries against Scotland. Well, we’ll see how the defence stands up against Japan.

    Gabby Logan's commentary caused an unjustified outburst by president of the IAAF Lord Coe . Picture: BBC/Julia Fullerton-Batten

    Why Lord Coe is wrong to criticise the BBC’s Gabby Logan

    It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Gary Lineker, having told the Sports Editor that if I do it three times in a calendar year I’ll come to work dressed just in my pants. And by the way, they’ll be proper briefs, not the ones he wore on Match of the Day when Leicester City won the Premier League which were more like football shorts. In fact, I’m so confident that the thoughts of the potato-based snack-promoting smarmer won’t chime with mine on Brexit or very much else that if by some fluke they do I’ll go mankini.

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    Australia centre Samu Kerevi, right, was controversially penalised against Wales. Picture: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

    Allan Massie: Change the laws to eliminate high tackles

    There have so far been two surprising results in this World Cup and one half-surprising one: Uruguay’s defeat of Fiji and Japan’s of Ireland were the surprises, the scale of Scotland’s loss to Ireland the half-surprising one. Actually, in retrospect, one might think that the Japan-Ireland result was only half-a-surprise too. Japan had, after all, beaten South Africa in 2015. Now they were playing at home and, in the last four years, they have had much more top-level experience than before. There was a fair chance they would pull off one big win. We Scots can only hope it’s only one. More on that in the future.

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