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    Other Sport

    Other Sport
    Scotland coach Shane Burger. Picture:  Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

    Scotland coach Shane Burger employs super scout to seek inside edge for World T20 bid

    If there was any conclusion to be drawn from the excellent cricket documentary, Death of a Gentleman, it was how the odds continue to be stacked against the sport’s smaller nations amid the self-interest shown by the establishment towering above. By chance, its creators became curious witnesses to an overt attempt to wrestle control of the ICC five years ago by means of a coup, instigated by India but with England and Australia as the henchmen roped in for extra cover.

    Coleen Rooney, AKA WAGatha Christie, last week had an almighty falling out on social media with Rebekah Vardy.

    Aidan Smith: ‘Coleen, Posh and their Wag pals seduced me in Baden-Baden’

    There’s a piece of old footage in glorious monochrome which will never gather dust because it’s pretty much always in use. Programme-makers in TV sports departments invariably reach for the clip because it perfectly illustrates how much footballers have changed, how much footballers’ downtime has changed, how much the image of the footballers’ wives has changed.

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